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We face different kind of issues while we go through different tasks given to us on a daily basis but the smart phone that we all carry around is a saviour. Now, there are ways in which one can even lose control of their smart phones. As important as these phones are they also hold a lot of your important information that can get easily deleted if you don’t pay proper attention to them.

Factory reset is a very handy option when you want to clear the junk out of your phone but it is again one of that kind of a problem in which it is very easy for one to click a single button and all your data will be lost with a click.

You need to restart your phone and enter all your important details to again start your phone completely but what if you don’t remember the details? We have a solution for you ready i.e. an app for bypassing the whole problem. This is an application that will help you in bypassing the Factory Reset Protection issues. In this article we will discuss about you can bypass this problem out of your way and how to Download FRP Bypass Apk.

How To Download The FRP Bypass Apk

You will have to follow a simple process for downloading the frp bypass apk and then you can install it and use it for the problem you face if the reset is done. You will need a computer, an OTG cable and a USB drive for the process. The steps for downloading are given below:

  • Firstly, you have to download the application required for doing the FRP Bypass. So, download the “Development setting” application. This will be saved in the download section of your PC.
  • Next, you have to copy the downloaded file on to the USB drive.

This is the simplest procedure of downloading the required application.


How To Use The FRP Bypass Apk

After you have installed the application onto your PC it is now time to learn how you can use it on your android phone. The steps given below will guide you as to how you can use the download frp bypass tool with the OTG cable:

  • After you have successfully downloaded the apk file for the FRP Bypass application, you need to transfer that to the USB device.
  • You have to switch on your device and follow the general setup rules till they ask for the Google user name and the password.
  • Once, they ask for your Google user name and password you need to use this application.
  • Firstly connect your device to your USB drive with your OTG cable.
  • Open the file explorer on the android device and then check for the files in the external storage i.e. the USB drive.
  • You will find the Download FRP Bypass Apk in the downloaded section and you need to open it for installation.
  • Once you try to install it, a pop-up will restrict you from doing so because it comes from an unknown source. You have to change your settings and enable the option for installing of applications from “unknown sources”.
  • After this, the APK will be installed and then when you select “Open”, you will get redirected to the settings page.
  • Next select the option “Backup and Reset” and then select “Factory Reset” and finally tap on “Wipe all Data”.
  • After that is selected, the device will again restart and reset itself, the only difference being you won’t have to enter any data regarding your Google account. The Bypass screen for FRP won’t be displayed this time and you can start with a new phone completely.

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This is the complete process of bypassing the FRP for the device you are using and it is so simple if you follow the steps properly and in order. But, there are times when we do not have an OTG cable. Given below is the way for you to follow when you don’t have an OTG cable.

How To Use  FRP Bypass Apk Without OTG For Android

Now that we know how we can conduct the whole process it is important to consider another option when we do not have an OTG cable within our reach. You will need a working and strong Wi-Fi connection for this process after you know how to download frp bypass and have done the same. Given below are the steps:

  • Firstly, restart your device after you have followed the steps above regarding the download. Then you need to complete the set-up as per the rules.
  • After that is completed, the FRP Bypass screen will be showed where you need to open the setting for your keyboard.
  • You need to select the “Menu” button and then select “Help and Feedback” from there.
  • In there, you can type anything and then select it and tap on “Share”.
  • After that you have to select the option “messaging” and then “new message”. Then you have to type a number and then tap on “Contacts”.
  • From there you need to directly open the dial pad and as soon as you reach the dial pad just type “*#*#4636#*#*”.
  • After this step is done, you have to select “Usage Statistics” and then press the return or back button which will redirect you to the settings page.
  • You will be required to click on “Back up and Reset” and then “factory data reset”. Press confirm and that is all you have to do.

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This is the ideal process for completing the whole FRP bypass Apk while you do not have an OTG cable with you. Of course the process is much simpler if you have one and faster too. Remember to follow the steps in order or else you might find yourself in trouble. This tool has made the whole bypass process simpler than any other tool that was previously invented so whenever you find yourself in a trouble similar to this, follow the steps and you will be free!

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