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In this world of technology and advancement with use of gadgets, all information which is encrypted in it is equally important and a loss of such piece of information would cause a setback in day to day work with the dependency on various data storing gadgets. So what would one do if their device stops working or encounters some form of malfunctioning? The solution to the problem is by keeping a back up. The devices like phone and laptop most of them comes with inbuilt back up option, while in some it is needed to be downloaded as it is not inbuilt in the system. Many Backup applications are available in the App Store. The most commonly used Backup Application is the Titanium Backup Apk. It is available for the Android phones. The latest 5.1 is available.

Backup is very important when you make factory settings, in order to get back all your previous information on your phone, message, photos and other media and application.

Titanium Backup pro apk , titanium backup apk

Backup is very important when you make factory settings, in order to get back all your previous information on your phone, message, photos and other media and application.

How To Install Titanium Apk

  • For installation you may use Titanium Backup free version or even install the Pro version if you wish to.

  • Go to the app store and type “Titanium Backup” in the search bar and click on the install.

  • The app will be downloaded and then installed in the smart phone; this might take a couple of seconds.

How To Make Backups With The App

  • After Titanium Pro Apk is installed open the application. You will be taken to a new window where you can choose the operation you wish to. You can make a backup, freeze an app, uninstall and more.

  • Choose the backup operation, press the backup button.

  • Repeat the operation for as many as backup you want to.

  • Your backup will be in the “TitaniumBackup” on the SD card on choosing the option of saving the data on the SD card.

  • If you are taking a backup on a new phone: follow the same steps above, click the Menu button, then click on the “Restore all missing apps with system apps” then Reboot the phone and you will be done.

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Titanium backup has two versions. One is the free version and the other is the Titanium Backup Pro Apk version which is paid one. More features are available on the pro version, while the free version just helps you up with the backups.

The interface of the app is not very attractive. Users might find it difficult initially but will get used to the interface with regular use. The features are displayed in Batch Option. The interface is the only drawback of the application.

Titanium backup requires root access to run on the Android device. After placing in the ROM, do not attempt to restore any system apps or data of another ROM. This will cause serious damage to the device.

How Can You Use The Titanium Backup?

Titanium backup pro apk

Advantage Of Titanium backup Pro Apk
  • Multiple backups are available for each apps

  • Zero click background batch restore is available

  • Encryption of the backups (asymmetric crypto : the passphrase is needed on restore only)

  • Backing up or restoring of SMS, MMS, bookmarks, call log and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Multiuser support for some apps and widget for quick switching in case of games.

  • Batch verification of the backups.

  • Migration of some system data that is SMS or MMS across incompatible ROMs.

  • Creating an “” file containing data and apps which can be shown in the recovery mode to restore everything in a shot.

  • Conversion of users apps system apps.

  • App freezer is feature which disables the app, makes it invisible without uninstalling the app.

  • Batch app freeze or defrost as in enabling the app again.

  • Pro version is pretty fast, there is no time lag with Ultra-fast HyperShell.

  • It supports for the paid apps which normally has to be installed from the Market.

  • Time to time unlimited, independent scheduled backup (one to seven times a week).

  • The feature of Market Doctor retrieves or recreates any broken market links (for the updates to be available in the market).

  • Synchronization of all the backups to the drop box, box, Google drives.

  • One can retrieve the backups from the drop box or Google drive in case of SD card or any lost phone.

  • One can change the device, android ID and restore it from the backup or after factory reset.

  • It features the storage of updated system apps directly in the SD card, ROM, thus saves the space on internal storage.

  • Uploading of the backup files as a ZIP file on the computer using a Web interface.

  • Guarantees the protection of the backup from any kind of deletion.

Thus if you want a full version with all the above features you can download the Titanium backup Pro apk which costs four hundred rupees.


According to the review Download Titanium Backup Pro Apk is rated the best app for backup with a rating of seven out of ten. It provides unlimited storage with only a few clicks away. The app data is small and hence does not have any extra load on the phone C.P.U. and it works smoothly. The app opens up to an innumerable security issue which is a drawback among a pool of advantages and can be ignored.

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